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What's In My Camera Bag

My friend, Dave Adamson introduced me to the Fujifilm camera system earlier this year. At the time I was shooting with a Nikon D500, and was blown away at how light and compact his camera body was compared to mine. Even the quality and color of his pictures he was producing was phenomenal.

A few months later, I decided to make the switch to Fujifilm and have not looked back since. Many people since then have asked me what camera equipment I currently use, so here it is! I have compiled a list of the main camera equipment, some of the main spec for each equipment and what I use the equipment specially for.

The camera system I am currently using is the Fujifilm xt2.

The Fujifilm xt2 is a crop censored mirrorless camera body system.

-Release: Sept. 2016

- Sensor: 24.3 MP (1.5x crop factor)

- Resolution: 6000x4000

- Autofocus System: 325-point AF system

- Continuous Shooting Speed: 8 FPS, up to 14 FPS with battery grip

- Movie Recording: Up to 4K @ 29.97p

- Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity

- Weather-sealed and weather resistant

- Storage: 2x SD card slots

- 3.0 inch Vertical and Horizontal tilting LCD screen

**UPDATE** Several people have also asked me to if I could list what the prices are for each equipment so I have placed the price at the end of each item: The xt-2 camera body runs right at $1,600 brand new.

The current lenses that I have in my camera bag are as followed:

This lens was truly built for landscape photography. I use this lens 90% of the time when I am taking pictures of buildings, mountains and anything beautiful outdoors. The best part about this lens is that it has built-in Image Stabilization which helps prevent vibration movement when taking photos.

The 10-24mm les runs right at $1,000 brand new.

I consider this lens my "go to lens" for all photography, because it has a focal range of 16mm to 55mm (24-82.5mm equivalent on the xt2). It has a fixed aperture of 2.8 which is excellent for portraits, low light photography as well as astro photography. The best part about the lens is that it is weather sealed and weather resistant, so it can be used in rain with confidence. I have personally used this at a water park in the Great Smokie Mountains and had my whole camera splashed in order to get a shot of a kid coming out the tube of a water slide. Reluctant to say everything was fine and water did not get into the lens nor camera body!

The 16-55mm les runs right at $1,200 brand new.

My next go to lens is the Fujifilm 50-140mm (76-213mm equivalent on the xt2 body). I use this lens 75% of the time when I am photographing moments during church services, conferences and events. I am able to stay close to the back of the room, zoom in and capture the musicians, singers and speakers on stage. I am also able to open my lens up to 50mm in order to capture people in the crowd/ audience. This lens has a fixed aperture of 2.8 which makes it excellent for portraits as well. The best part about this lens is that it has Image Stabilization built-in. Image Stabilization is key to have in long zoom lenses, because it helps keep your camera stabilized especially when moving around while taking a photo. In addition to Image Stabilization this lens is also weather sealed and resistant... it is a total win-win for any photographer!

The 50-140mm les runs right at $1,600 brand new.

To be honest, I do not use this lens as often as I would like as I do not photograph many portraits. HOWEVER, this lens was built for portraits, because it has a fixed aperture of f2. Having a fixed aperture of f2 means the lens is super fast and creates amazing bokeh around the subject you a photographing. When put on the xt2 the lenses' focal length is equivalent to 53mm. This lens is also weather-sealed and resistant!

The 10-24mm les runs right at $400 brand new.

Last but definitely not least is the Samyang 8mm lens! This is another one of my go to lenses. I have used this lens for astro, music and landscape photography. This lens has truly opened up a new avenue of creativity for me. When I pop this lens on my camera I am immediately amazed at the amount of area it is able to capture. The only "downside" to this lens when put on the xt2 is that you have to use it manually. The reason the lens does not have auto focusing capabilities is because it was not built by Fujifilm. Nonetheless, it has really helped me learn how to manually focus very well when the xt2 is having a hard time focusing on a subject or area automatically.

The 8mm fisheye les runs right at $270 brand new.

If you have never used or held a mirrorless camera system before I HIGHLY recommend checking out the fujifilm camera system! Majority of Fujifilm's camera bodies have this "old vintage film camera" look which sets Fujifilm apart from every other camera body system out today. Almost every place I have taken pictures someone has asked what camera system I am using, because it does not look like your typical Nikon, Canon or Sony camera body system.

If you would like to see additional specs or are looking to purchase any of the camera equipment listed above you can click on the links below! It will take you directly to the product on!

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