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Honolulu, Hawaii.

While we were in Hawaii I decided to take an evening stroll down Waikiki around 6:00pm. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to take a picture of, other than a picture of the beach. As I was walking along the beach I saw this rock boardwalk that was about 100 ft long and went out above the water. I walked out to see what kind of shots I could take. I adjusted my camera's exposure and took my first shot with a 16-50mm lens.

I decided I wanted to take a long exposure photo in order to smooth out the water, so I pulled my tripod out, adjusted my camera settings again and took the shot below.

After I took this shot, I stepped back onto a pile of rocks, in order to take a couple pictures of the rock boardwalk I was standing on.

Ocean waves would occasionally crash into the boardwalk and wash over top. I was kind of scared having all my equipment on the boardwalk...Nonetheless, it was totally worth it!

As people walked by I took a couple long exposure shots in order to blur them out. The picture above was my absolute favorite of the evening.

As the sun was about to go down, I turned my camera around, re-adjusted my camera exposure and took another long exposure shot.

About 15 minutes after I took this shot the sun was fully down, the sky darkened and the city lights turned on. I quickly turned back around and began capturing Diamond Head Mountain.

The shot above was taken around 7:15pm at about a 50mm camera length.

I then zoomed back out to 16mm and took the next shot below around 7:30pm in order to get the rock boardwalk again.

Honolulu's city lights were breathtakingly beautiful. I have seen pictures of city lights before, but to take them on your own is a very unique experience.

Around 8:30pm, the night sky was in full effect. I pulled out my 10-24mm lens, adjusted my exposure and took my last shot of Honolulu.

Honolulu, you will be missed. Until next time!


All photos taken with the Fujifilm x-t2 camera system. If you would like to check out the specks for any of the equipment I used for these photos, you can click on the links below!

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