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From an early age I  have always had a passion for creativity. Whether it was music or art, I was always doing one or the other. After I graduated from high school I decided to pursue ministry and became a Worship Leader at several different churches in the Atlanta, GA area. 


My Love for Photography was Born


In 2015 I decided to buy a camera and photograph anything and everything I was doing.  To say the least, I fell in love with the new creative avenue photography granted me. It was like setting off on a new voyage to find uncharted land! My creative curiosity spiked because I was now able to use my experience as a Worship Leader to leverage my storytelling through my camera. This is why I am so passionate about photography.



Paul Taylor Smith,


I enjoyed absolutely everything about working with Kaleb East... But specifically the fact that he is more servant hearted than almost anyone I've ever worked with... What he does is truly a service, and he makes the client feel extremely valued. You would be hard-pressed to find someone more willing to truly serve you & your desires than Kaleb. Give him a try, you won't regret it!

Annette Harvey,

Brown Bridge Community Church

I LOVE working with Kaleb East. He is easy to communicate with, responsible, friendly, professional and reliable.  I always knew in the end I would receive a great product (a wide selection of high quality images) even with little direction. I always  reach out to him first for my big events at our church! 

Alison Prater,

InsideOut at North Point

Community Church

The process working with Kaleb is super easy! Not only that, but his turn around for delivering pictures after an event is really quick too. He always checks in prior to our church events to make sure we are all on the same page about what shots we're looking for. Simply put, he puts the customer's needs as his top priority which leads to met expectations and hopes every time! If you're on the fence about booking him, well, get off of it because his work speaks for itself!

Ansley Oberkofler,

Transit at Gwinnet Church

Kaleb was punctual and knew exactly the kinds of photos we were looking for. He did whatever it took to get a photo. Some photographers are timid about getting on stage, in the crowd with students and interacting with people, but he was not and we loved that about him! Some of the things that stood out about him was that he was personable, easy to talk to and direct when what shots to capture. It truly made all the difference in regards to working with him!

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